I’m going to keep the conversation about appreciating money very simple – you either are grateful or you’re not. No kinda sorta. Everything happens in the moment so when you are aware, see how you feel; that is your key to change.

What do I mean “appreciate” money? Well, let me ask you…how often do you think or say simple little things like “Wow! I’m so grateful that I have the means to buy what I want, to eat, to buy a car, to get a haircut…” or whatever it is you were able to enjoy? Probably not often. We haven’t learned to do that and because many of us don’t carry cash how can you appreciate “the means” when you don’t see or touch it…CASH!

Having cash is fun! Ever gone to the bank and cashed a check for, say, $1000.00? Felt great, right? Powerful! Money in your hand – seeing it and feeling it – gives you a sense of power and it feels good!! Out of sight out of mind makes it a little harder to actually feel that satisfaction. It is a great idea to remind ourselves of what money does and say thank you to the money you have in your life.

Think of the power money can have over you when you let fear or concerns dominate your relationship with it. Don’t let it be that way!! It’s your choice; the practice is changing your mind about money. Money is energy – it’s the energy that YOU give it. Are you happy with your money? Do you complain about your lack of money? Do you see money as dirty? Stop the complaining! These are habit patterns that can be changed.

THREE ACTIONS to appreciating money:

  1. Decide you want to change and declare it without reservation! I suggest you write a contract stating your intention and decision. Post it somewhere where you can see it and celebrate it! “YES!!”
  2. The second is learn how. Our thoughts are very powerful. Don’t underestimate your ability to have what you want. Gratitude and appreciation are your most powerful tools. It took experience to train you into resistance so now use that time and energy to be grateful. Baby steps if necessary and don’t forget to BREATHE!!
  3. Honor yourself and JUST DO IT! The choice is always yours.

Always appreciating,