NO WAY! Think about it – you see a piece of paper laying on a table, your mind makes a decision about it. If it was just a piece of paper it would not trigger an emotional response but perhaps just a glance and a possible decision to throw it out.

NO emotional trigger

BUT….. what if it was a one hundred dollar bill? It has most definitely triggered an emotional response either consciously or unconsciously. What are you hearing inside your mind? What kind of relationship have you cultivated with your money? Think about it! What reaction would you have?


I never thought of money (or the love of money) as the root of all evil. However, money was not my friend throughout my “formative years”. Old bread with milk was my usual breakfast. I don’t remember having lunch and dinner was either some simple Polish dish or fried rice (my dad was Polish and my mom was born and raised in Indonesia). Food was used as punishment and reward but, in my little girl brain, there still was no connection between the little amount food or money we had (or that we lacked).

As a child, when home alone, I would entertain myself and play at everything. Even my hunger was handled by eating plants around the area that I knew were not poisonous and the hunt was part of the fun. I had a great imagination as a child but, over the years, it was “educated” out of me. I was told I had to “get real” and start seeing the importance and monetary value of EVERYTHING!!! I’m not suggesting that there isn’t value in everything but making it “about the money” is what started the idea of ‘lack’ (more on that later).


Over the years, I have learned first hand that taking the time to build a joyful relationship with money is key to getting what is wanted – and wanting is not a “bad” thing. It isn’t the money that has the power to make more money. Beliefs and habits are the keys that have allowed me to be, do and have what I have wanted – and I believe that is true for all of us.

Let me ask you…

“Who do you believe yourself to be?”

“Who do you want to be?”

“What do you believe is available to you?”

Your answers will give you the guidance you need to reach your next step in creating a relationship with your money based on love and acceptance. Learning to love your money makes it easier to accumulate more.

Money is means of exchange…that’s all. Nothing evil about it…unless we believe it to be.

Until next time,