There is a very important component in getting to be confident and playful about money. I know that sounds very strange to consider money and playfulness in the same sentence but hear me out. When you have a carefree attitude about money things can shift in the most unexpected ways. Carefree does not mean become less responsible; it actually allows you to be more positively responsive to the reason for having money.

One of the fear-producing aspects of managing money is not really knowing where both your physical money is and your beliefs about where it is. I know exactly what I have in the bank, what my expenditures are, how much I am saving each month for both long term and contingent items. I know how much to put away for taxes, living expenses, and handling any debts that I have incurred (car payments, new washer dryer, etc). This allows me to stay focused on what gives me pleasure and how I can have those things.

I had many scary beliefs about money and every now and then I find I get caught in the web of “general consensus” and I can breathe myself back to letting that “shit” go. I would suggest that when working with your finances you get a true picture of what you spend monthly (this may take some time and evaluation) and from this you can

  1. find out what you need to ‘live’ on,
  2. know what your spending habits are and
  3. make adjustments if necessary.