You are not doomed to failure when it comes to accumulating money. Just because you failed before doesn’t mean you need to fail again. We tend to take failure personally! You’ve heard the old adage “if first you don’t succeed try and try again”? How many wealthy people have actually failed not only once but numerous times? The difference between wealthy people and those who are not is having faith and learning simple and powerful money management skills. Know where you are and how you treat money.

What are your thoughts about money?

What do you say about money?

You say you want it but where is it in your life? Now here is where you may roll your eyes (I did at first) – do you truly love money? Do you give it the attention it deserves? Do you pick up pennies off the street? Yes, money has value and if you don’t value even the smallest amounts you are dissing money. Be grateful and show that gratitude!

Usually when we think about money it’s about how we don’t have it or not enough of it. Knock it off!

Gratitude is the first rule of making more money.

Like anything that you love, you have to care for it, take time with it, and show it the respect you would want for whatever you do.

Get professional help – that’s what they are there for! And saying you don’t have the money is again showing you what you are worth. Waiting till you have the money is going about it backwards. Have faith and move ahead!