It’s Not What You Think!

You can master your relationship with money.

Most Americans are stressed about money.

That’s a fact.

It’s not the economy, it’s not someone else’s fault.
IT’S YOU – your thoughts and your habits…

Do YOU feel like money has power over you?
Feel like you never have enough?


Feeling scared? Frustrated?
These are emotions and they will determine your financial outcome.

“If you want to change the fruits, you have to change the roots”

T. Harv Eker

Do you

  • need other to tell you if you made the right decision?
  • let others make decisions for you?
  • have anxiety about your decisions?

LISTEN TO THE PIG can give you tips on putting your money puzzle together.

NO lectures

NO judgment

JUST tips…that can help!

I’m Irene Neale

and one of my passions is mastering money!

pssssttt….I’m pretty f*cking good at it!

I have helped individuals and couples create their personal money management systems which leads to their financial success.

With my husband, I raised three children so I understand the financial pressures facing modern families ( braces, soccer, college…the list goes on)…

“Money is more about emotions than it is about actual dollars and cents”.

Changing the way we think about money has been my focus based on my years of experience and understanding the powerful role that our beliefs and habits play in our lives.

Listen To The Pig is my avenue for sharing tips, tricks, and positive affirmations to help you gain the confidence you need for mastering your money.  It’s  fun. It’s real.  And it can be the shift you’ve needed.

My passion for helping others succeed has been the backbone of all my endeavors.

Understanding how you percieve your life (particularly with money) allows you to create more of what you want.
Baby steps and accountability are the key!


Because FINANCIAL SECURITY should be available for everyone.

Success is up to you – I am here to guide you.


I’m helping people just like you.

Irene’s calm and light approach to money and finances is a great aide to a sensitive and charged area of life.  She helped me change my relationship to my finances in many ways.  One is the importance of cash purchasing.  I can now say that budgeting is possible, and a necessity.  I never thought that I would be able to budget, though I was pleasantly surprised.  Second element that I learned is to keep money in a high vibrational state.  In order to do this I need to be aware of how I think, talk, and act with my money – a daily awareness that I am now practicing.  I definitely have a new relationship and respect to money and my finances.  Thank you Irene.

Cory Shank

After meeting Irene for the first time I knew right away she had a lot to offer. Her own life journey and challenges has given her first hand experience, wisdom, and insight to help others gain control of their finances and enjoy the life they have always dreamed of.

Valerie Gonzalez

Our experience with Irene and the system she teaches has been absolutely life changing! We have a sense of confidence now surrounding money that we’ve never had before. It happened faster than we expected and has allowed us to breathe easy knowing we have more than enough. We actually look forward to paying bills now!

The Johnsons

I have the creative cash system with me and faithfully use it every Monday. I am more on top of my money than ever before. I’m thinking more consciously about spending than I used to. I used to tell myself I’d be happy if I just had enough money to pay my bills because I never wanted to be greedy. Now when I think about amassing wealth, I’m thinking about all the people I can help with money. This is awesome and I believe I’m on track to tripling my income in 2012. I think your system gave me a concrete way to see myself clear from debt. I’ll keep you posted.”

Kim Oliver

My husband and I have been working with the How to Master Money system with the guidance of Irene Neale for the past three months. The system works; it is an easy-to-follow no nonsense approach to managing finances. We consider Irene, our own personal “Suze Orman” of the central coast. With her help, we have mapped out a plan to get out of debt, pay our bills and even save money. She is worth her weight in gold! Thank you Irene!! We could not have done this without you!

Mary Kopecky

Irene Neale is an inspiring speaker and leader. Her knowledge and experience pertaining to money and marriage has changed the lives of many couples. Her simple system of discussing money in a safe environment is life changing. I would recommend her program to anyone wanting to grow in their relationship and make more money.

Dr. Angele Charbonneau


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